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Maybe you’ve browsed through our services and watched a few of our patient review videos or maybe you’ve come straight from our welcome page here. Hopefully, you’ve discovered why we are known for our small town, one-on-one focus with each patient.

Our Patients Always Get:

  • Communication
  • Excellence in dental care
  • A non-sales approach
  • Skilled craftsmanship
  • Options that make sense


Meet Your Orange County Dentists


Orange County Dentist

Sam Mogari DDS , Charles Brown DDS, and Ida Soleimani DDS, have built their practice on some very reliable and basic truths. They believe in taking their patient’s dental health to the highest standard and maintaining that standard.

They also have gathered a Team that is exceptionally skilled, gifted with connecting to people and adept at creating a safety and comfort chain around the patient.

Orange County Dentist

Your Orange County Dentist: What We Do

  • Relieve people’s pain
  • Take dental health from mediocre to stellar
  • Start with the basics, brushing and flossing
  • Rehabilitate the whole mouth
  • Make dental work last 20 years or more

We Do Less to Give You More

Although, we certainly do smile designs, we also believe in non-invasive, conservative dentistry that preserves the tooth structure. Less is more and a light and deft touch is what people need.

[quote style=”1″]We believe in the health of the person and do what is really needed. Beautiful teeth emerge when the patient is healthy. – Ida Soleimani, DDS[/quote]

The best way to discover why 18,649 patients and counting have chosen us as their Orange County dentist is to come and see us. We offer many new patient incentives so that you can experience our work at minimal cost.

We look forward to meeting you and getting to know what you need.

Our patients are the key to the success of our practice. Drs. Brown, Mogari and Soleimani look at their patients as friends and family. They want people to stay for life. And people do.

Orange County Dentist

I’ve been coming here for about 10 years and Dr. Brown is the most amazing dentist I’ve ever had in my entire life. That’s why I’ve been with him so long. As a person, he’s just wonderful. We’re very compatible as people and we’re pretty much friends. I’m comfortable and being comfortable at the dentist is the only way to go.” — Chari

I’ve been coming to see Dr. Brown for 17 years. I live in the United Emirates and I still come back to him for routine cleanings and dental work. The staff is so professional and easy going, laid back and it’s very painless. I don’t feel pain when I come here.” – Rami

Orange County Dental Office

Orange County Dentist

Our Orange County dental office has all of the essentials and comfort for our patients. The focus of our technology and expertise for restoration and prevention is right here in our Irvine office.

  • All work done in-house
  • Doctors use proven techniques
  • Lasers for efficient and fast care
  • Comfortable sleep apnea relief
  • Many types of relaxing and safe sedation
  • Same day crowns

An Office You Want to Visit

We’ve created an atmosphere that people enjoy. We want to maximize your time and experience every time.

We are not a flashy place. It’s not over the top. We simply provide solid dentistry in a relaxing environment. For us, it’s conservative and restoration dentistry that people really need. It’s very satisfying work.” – Dr. Charles Brown

Orange County Dentist

We know that you have a busy day and getting you in quickly for efficient and solid dentistry is our goal each time, every time. See it all for yourself… Try one of our many incentives for a discounted first visit!

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What Our Patients Say

You two spent an enormous amount of energy making sure that my treatment was absolutely the best possible – I can’t thank you enough for the relief I feel, knowing that I will be able to chew and smile for the rest of my life. My headaches are finally gone!

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Irvine Smile Design, 16100 Sand Canyon Avenue Suite 380, Irvine, CA 92618 (949) 833-8020

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Emergencies often happen after hours, therefore we are on call 24 hours a day. Call us for help and we will be here.


About Us

Charles Brown DDS, Ida Soleimani DDS and Sam Mogari DDS are known in Irvine for dentistry the way it should be: Hand crafted, in-house technology and amenities at no extra cost. People come to us for beautiful dentistry and reliable results every day. Google+

Our Office

Irvine Smile Design, 16100 Sand Canyon Avenue Suite 380, Irvine, CA 92618 (949) 833-8020

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