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Our patient reviews are 100% real. They haven’t been compensated in any way; they just love the work we have done! As our dental patient reviews prove, people trust us and believe in the work we do.

Without our patients, our dental practice wouldn’t exist. Our philosophy of providing conservative dentistry at highly affordable prices has brought 18,649 people brand new smiles and restored their dental health to the highest of standards.


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“I was recommended to Dr. Mogari for sleep apnea. I used to get up in the middle of the night for a couple hours. I’d work for an hour and then go back to bed. I thought, well, I’m being productive but my health was falling over. I’m wearing the appliance Dr. Mogari created for me and it’s working and it’s comfortable.”


I’ve been coming to see Dr. Brown for 17 years. I live in the United Emirates and I still come back to him for routine cleanings and dental work. The staff is so professional and easy going, laid back and it’s very painless. I don’t feel pain when I come here.


I’ve been coming here for about 20 years and Dr. Brown is the most amazing dentist I’ve ever had in my entire life. That’s why I’ve been with him so long. As a person, he’s just wonderful. We’re very compatible as people and we’re pretty much friends. I’m comfortable and being comfortable at the dentist is the only way to go.


I have been so pleased with their level of knowledge and experience. They really do make you feel like family! Five stars for them


Very professional dental office, which has very friendly staff. You are always made to feel that you are in a safe and caring environment. Both Dr. Mogari and Dr. Brown are very professional and gentle would have no hesitation in recommending this office to my family and friends.


I love this office. The staff is awesome and the doctors are great. Van is a superb hygienist. She is very gentle and extremely thorough in cleaning my teeth. Dr. Mogari is so precise and caring. I feel the level of care and five star service that is given to me. Would recommend them to anyone looking for a dentist or want a super experience.


When I came here I had horrible teeth, just horrible. With Dr. Brown, I’ve had cavities filled, my teeth capped, implants and now my teeth look and feel great. I don’t come here for habit, I come here for a reason. They know me as a person, they treat me like family and I get excellent, excellent work done.


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