Emergency Dentist

If You’re Looking for an Emergency Dentist in the Irvine, CA area, You’re in the Right Place

In case of a dental emergency  it is comforting to know that your regular dentist is available to help.

We know that dental emergencies don’t always happen during our office hours. That’s why we are a 24-hour emergency dentist!

If your dental emergency happens after hours, our answering service will immediately reach out to Dr. Mogari or Dr. Brown.

Are You Having a Dental Emergency?

Lost Filling

If a filling falls out, it’s an urgent matter but not one that requires urgent care or the emergency room. Instead, follow these instructions : take a piece of sugarless gum ( it has to be sugarless, and place it into the filling as a temporary fix. ) Then call us and arrange to see us as soon as possible.

Chipped Tooth

This can be startling, but in most cases not a cause for major concern. Contact our office and we will schedule an appointment immediately. When you chip a tooth, the most important thing is to save the pieces you can. Place them in a glass of milk or a glass of salted warm water.

Place a cold cloth on your face to help reduce the pain. Important: Never attempt to glue your tooth fragments back in place. Never use any type of commercial adhesive, such as Super Glue, in your mouth or on your teeth. Glue will burn and damage your teeth and gums.

Persistent Toothache

If you have a tooth ache, you need to see a dentist as soon as possible. We can help treat the pain as well as identify the underlying cause. If your tooth hurts, floss around it and then rinse your mouth out with warm water. Never rub aspirin or other painkillers directly onto your gums as this will burn your gums.

Missing Tooth

If one (or more) of your teeth get knocked out, try to save the broken tooth. Don’t touch the root – try to only handle the tooth by the parts you normally see above the gum line.

What to do: Rinse the tooth, including the roots, in water, then place the tooth in a glass of milk or a glass of warm saltwater. Then call us immediately. Time is of the essence and we will treat you according to the severity of your injury.

Important: As with a chipped tooth, Never use SuperGlue or any other type of commercial adhesive on your tooth or in your mouth. It won’t help, and could result in serious complications.

When in Doubt, Give Us a Call

We can help you distinguish between a true emergency and an urgent matter which can wait until the next day. But we understand – an unexpected dental emergency can be frightening and you want to personally talk to a local emergency dentist as soon as possible in order to avoid further complications.

We are Irvine’s 24 hour emergency dentist, and are here to help patients throughout the Orange County area. How you react to a dental emergency can have a big impact on the outcome. It’s important to contact us as soon as possible.

Have an Emergency? Call Now!


Irvine Smile Design is your 24/7 Emergency dentist

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Dr. Brown is Amazing!

Dr. Brown and team are amazing and super sweet! It’s super helpful that they have early appointments starting at 7AM and a text messaging system that allows you to respond back if you need to adjust your appointment!!

Kimberly Klein

Great place...love the staff

Great place...love the staff here and the extended hours both am and pm is nice. Great at working with your insurance and helping you out.

Marty Miller

Fantastic Service

Fantastic service. Myself and my son have been patients for 3 years now and I am absolutely happy with customer service and professionalism on behalf of everyone in this office.

Roxy Moreno

They are wonderful

They dentists are wonderful. I have been a patient at this office for nearly 30 years. My entire family are patients of Irvine Smile Design.

Robert Boyce

Great place, awesome service

Great place, awesome service. Needed to get in next day and they got me in no problem. Very clean, new, modern. Excellent work, very friendly people

John Lasko

Pleasant experience

I always have a pleasant experience at Irvine Smile Design. From the friendly receptionists, to the gentle hygienists, to the warm and knowledgeable dentists.

Erin Piccola