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Holistic Dental Implants

Holistic Dental Implants (CeraRoot Zirconia dental implants , Ceramic dental implants)

When teeth are missing, damaged or displaced as a result of gum disease, tooth decay or injury, holistic dental implants can be a great alternative to conventional dental implants to help restore the complete function, health and appearance of your teeth and gums fully and naturally. Holistic dental implants utilize an advanced dental treatment technique that is designed to work with – not against – the body’s natural circulation, tolerance, and symptoms, restoring the complete balance, function and aesthetics to one’s smile once again.

The materials used in your dental implants is an important part of your treatment, and choosing the right material that works with your body is essential to the satisfaction of your smile.

Although titanium has been the standard material in dental implant procedures for many years, traditional metal dental implants may not be the right choice for everyone.The state of one’s existing oral and overall health must be considered when considering each individual’s dental treatment plan.

Also esthetic plays an important role in teeth missing in the front. CeraRoot Zirconia implants or Ceramic dental implants are white and appear more natural in esthetic and more sensitive areas that traditional titanium implants.

For example, some patients have thin gum tissue walls which allows for the darkness of titanium implants to show through or are allergic to certain metals and cannot withstand the metallic elements in traditional titanium dental implants. Others simply want the safest, most compatible, and least artificial dental prosthetics available, in which case Holistic dental implants, biocompatible and non-metallic Zirconia implants will be used.

Zirconia implants, abutments and crowns have tremendous benefits compared to their metal counterparts, including greater esthetics, increased compatibility with one’s body, and with less invasion in the gums and jaw. Holistic dental implants comprised of Zirconia are more biocompatible and less prone to allergic reaction compared to titanium implants. Other advantages of holistic dental implants over traditional ones are their resistance to fracture, wear, or damage from heat or acid corrosion, which can be harmful to one’s teeth and gums.

Our holistic dental implant treatment plans at Irvine Smile Design include a full examination and assessment of your oral history, current dental health, and other medical factors that may impact your candidacy for traditional dental implants. People who are either allergic to metal or concerned about the corrosive or artificial properties of metal in their mouth do not have to suffer from the adverse effects of titanium implants or the cumbersome function of dentures any longer.  Also people who have compromised bone are good candidates since Zirconia implants are very biocompatible and work great in compromised areas. Come visit us at Irvine Smile Design to see if holistic dental implants are right for you!