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Pinhole Surgical Technique

The revolutionary pinhole surgical treatment technique is used to treat gum recession in a minimally invasive way without the need for scalpels or sutures and a donor site.

What is gum recession and why should it be treated?

Recessioni gengivaliGum recession is when gum tissue begins to detach from the tooth root along the gum line. This can often be a result of natural wear and tear through aging, abrasive brushing techniques, heavy grinding, malocclusion(incorrectly aligned teeth), gingivitis, or periodontitis. The reason this can be hazardous is that when gum recession occurs, the tooth’s root structure is exposed. This allows tooth decay and other forms of problems to affect teeth around and underneath the gum line, as well as create sensitivity around one’s teeth. The health and wellness of the gums is crucial to one’s dental health.

Why should I receive the pinhole surgical technique rather than tissue grafting?

Tissue grafting is a common procedure used to treat gum recession. The grafting process involves the use of soft tissue grafts sourced from other locations in order (donor site) to rebuild the patient’s gum line. Your dentist will place the tissue graft onto the affected site and may stitch it into place. Over time, the new tissue will join and heal together with the existing gum tissue that needs rebuilding.

While this may be an effective technique, the pinhole surgical technique can achieve the same results in a much more comfortable way.

How does the Pinhole Technique’s process work?

During the surgical pinhole process, a needle is used to make a small hole in the patient’s gum tissue. Using special instruments designed specifically for this procedure, your dentist will softly loosen the gum tissue by way of the small hole created by the needle. This allows your dentist to slide gum tissue over the root structure that was originally exposed by gum recession. Rather than removing tissue from elsewhere in the body or mouth, this process merely uses the existing gum tissue around the site, requiring no incisions or use of sutures at any point during the procedure.

What are the benefits to pinhole surgical technique?

Many patients find the process during and after the procedure to be much more efficient, carefree and comfortable than traditional gum grafting. Most importantly, there is far less discomfort for the patients after the treatment is completed, as there is no need for sutures, scalpels or any other kind of surgical tools to make incisions. There is also no need to pull any tissue from the patient’s palate, which can cause sensitivity or discomfort after the grafting is complete. In addition to a higher level of comfort during and after the procedure, the pinhole technique also provides a speedier recovery compared to gum grafting. Finally, the pinhole surgical technique yields fantastic results that have a more natural look, as well as brings longer lasting results. If you are interested in learning more about the pinhole surgical technique for your gum recession, contact our office today to schedule your initial free consultation with us!