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General Dentistry in Irvine

General Dentistry is the Key to the Smile of a Lifetime


If you’ve been searching for a dentist in the Irvine area – or anywhere in California – you’ve probably noticed that quite a few dentists around here promise a “movie star smile” and proudly showcase as many celebrity clients as possible. While this is all well and good, at Irvine Smile Design we have a slightly different philosophy – because we know that in order to have a great smile, you need great dental health.


Your Dental Health is Our Top Priority


General Dentistry… We Never Overlook the Basics

Regular cleanings and check-ups prevent most dental problems before they even start. We can fix virtually any dental problem, but it’s always easier (and cheaper) to fall into the habit of regular dental cleanings and an annual assessment at least.

We Look Ahead

As partners in your dental health, we perform work that can prevent issues in the future. By offering treatment such as a conservative filling, we can prevent the spread of decay and further damage to the tooth.

Fillings last longer and with our minimally invasive light touch, patients can maintain their dental foundation. When it comes to you, we are always thinking long term.

A Lifelong Partnership

Having a regular general dentist is a great boon to your dental health. As we get to know you, we’ll be able to personalize our approach to your dental care but only when you are ready and can afford your dental care.

From Your Very First Dental Appointment, We Want You to Feel at Home

Over the past 10 years, our practice in Irvine has thrived because we are committed to providing solid general dentistry to keep you away from the dental chair.

Lots of other Orange County dentists focus only on cosmetic procedures. While we certainly do cosmetic dentistry, we also focus on general dentistry, because good dental health should never be neglected.

We’re proud to be considered a family dentist with roots in the community. If you’re new to the Irvine area, or just looking for a new dentist, contact with us today to schedule an appointment or learn more. We welcome the whole family – children too!