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What are Dental Implants?

Millions of Americans suffer from tooth loss every day as a result of tooth decay, periodontal disease or injury. Dental implants are the ideal permanent tooth replacement solution for anyone suffering from missing teeth and are a great alternative to dentures or dental bridges.

Dental implants are small titanium or zirconium posts that are surgically placed directly into the space of a missing or extracted tooth, serving as a stable, permanent foundation on which to place prosthetic teeth. Unlike dentures, dental implants are non-removable prosthetics that do not require daily cleaning and maintenance, removal while you eat or sleep, or the need for ongoing visits to the dentist for adjustments. Because they are permanent, you will never have to worry about your teeth falling out when you laugh, chew or smile ever again.

Here are just a few more of the tremendous advantages of dental implants over other teeth replacement and restoration solutions:


Your smile and overall facial appearance drastically improves the moment your surgery is complete. Your dental implants are custom designed to look and feel just like your natural teeth, matching in shade, shape and size, so no one would ever guess that your teeth are not natural unless you tell them.


With dental implants, you will restore your ability to eat, speak, laugh and smile with ease once again. Unlike with dentures, which can fall out doing any number of routine oral functions, you can eat all of your favorite foods again without pain, discomfort or fear of slippage.

Oral Health

Dentures can actually accelerate the shrinkage of your gums and bone due to the pressure of the denture on top of your gums. This is the primary reason why dentures require routine adjustments to fit your mouth correctly. Dental implants, on the other hand, actually contact and stimulate the gum tissue and jawbone, prompting your bone and soft tissue to actually rebuild, reversing the effects of gum disease. Also, unlike dental bridges, dental implants do not require the modification and support of healthy surrounding teeth for placement, making them the healthiest and most long-lasting teeth replacement option available.


Dental implants look and feel just like your natural teeth and really become a part of you. There is no pain or discomfort associated with dental implants, just an improvement in your dental function, oral health and overall appearance.


Patients who receive dental implants experience a drastic improvement in their self-confidence as a result of the security and stability of their function and appearance.

People who are missing one, some or all of their teeth suffer in more ways than one. They may be embarrassed about the look of their smile, have difficulty with daily facial functions like eating or speaking, or suffer from any range of other negative effects of poor oral health. Not only do dental implants help restore the look and function of your natural healthy smile, but they also help restore your oral health and reverse the effects of gum disease permanently.

If you wear dentures or suffer from a missing tooth or set of teeth, contact our office today to schedule your initial consultation and learn if dental implants are right for you!