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Full Zirconia Implants

Dental implants can be an excellent tooth replacement solution for anyone suffering from damaged, decaying or missing teeth. Despite the tremendous benefits offered by dental implants, some people were unable to receive dental implants due to metal allergies or discomfort from the titanium used for the implants. Advancements in the dental field has led to this creation of an alternative dental implant material for those who cannot or do not wish to have titanium implanted into their jawbone.

Full Zirconia implants are a titanium implant substitute that is comprised of zirconia oxide, a metal-free substance. They have been found to be just as durable and effective as conventional titanium implants, they do not produce any allergic reactions or pose any danger for corrosion of the material. Full zirconia implants are placed using the same technique and procedure as traditional dental implants. Patients can enjoy all of the same longstanding benefits of dental implants, including a healthier, more functional and more attractive smile.

How do full zirconia implants compare to traditional titanium ones?

Just like traditional dental implants, full zirconia implants are an effective dental procedure that is used to replace a missing tooth, improving one’s oral and overall health, facial structure and appearance, and overall self-confidence.

Unlike titanium implants, however, zirconia implants are more biocompatible with the body, particularly in those with metal allergies. They are also slimmer in size, but stronger than titanium implants. By comparison, zirconia implants are about three times more durable than titanium implants as a result of the material’s natural flexural strength and 100% to 200% more stable since more of one’s gum wall lining remains intact.

Is there anything to be concerned about with full zirconia implants?

The use of zirconiumoxide in the body is not a new occurrence in the medical industry. In fact, the non-metal material has been used as an alternative to titanium in hip implants for nearly 20 years and as a tooth root replacement for around 10 years. In the last several years, crown and bridge restorations have also been made out of zirconia and have proven to be a reliable alternative to titanium implants.

Zirconia implants are not only durable in strength, but they are also able to withstand high concentrations of strong acids, so there is no risk of metallic corrosion in the gums and jawbone, which can cause serious problems in one’s body. Another important factor is the esthetics of this implant in the front of the mouth. This implant in tooth colored and therefore there is no gray hue that will show through the gums and is by far a better choice for the more visible areas of the mouth.

If you have a known metal allergy or just feel like full zirconia implants are a safer dental implant alternative for you, contact our office to schedule your initial consultation with us to learn more.